Import and export of dairy cows

Traditionally, dairy cows from the Netherlands and Germany have an excellent international reputation. They produce high milk yields, and the cows are exported all over the world.

What is required of a good dairy cow?

Before we select suitable dairy cows for you, we will first sit down together to determine what you require from your dairy cows. Our recommendations in respect of buying the most suitable livestock are honest and based on many years of experience. You may have specific requirements in the following areas:

·       weight

·       age

·       colour/breed

·       stage of gestation

·       milk yield of the mother

We will also make arrangements with you on prices, the amount of livestock, transport and delivery.

Specially selected

The cows most suited to your needs

We have access to an extensive network of suppliers: dairy farms in the Netherlands and Germany. This allows us to select animals that meet all your requirements, and by buying entire herds we are also in a good position to meet the growing demand for dairy cows.