Import and export of dairy cattle and calves: Kroes & Jansma

In 1999, we started a company called ‘Vee import en export Kroes & Jansma’. Our main focus back then was the import and export of calves and dairy cattle. This work was based in the Netherlands, but we were already active in Germany too at the time, operating under the name ‘Kroes & Jansma Viehhandel GmbH’.

Right up to the present day we have been matching the demand and supply of calves every week, and providing the most appropriate sales channels and transport. We care about animal welfare, so our work is carried out very carefully and responsibly.

Specialists in the export of cattle

In the course of time, as our knowledge and experience increased, we became specialists in the export of premium cattle and breeding livestock. We export these animals to various countries, both within Europe and beyond. During the company’s existence, we have built up an extensive network of suppliers, which means we are in a position to select the most appropriate cattle for a farm’s requirements in terms of type, daily yield, etc.

In addition to the Netherlands and Germany, we now also have branches in the Baltic States of Lithuania and Latvia. In these countries, we are responsible for collecting and exporting calves, collecting cattle for slaughter, and producing and exporting beef.

Experience and expertise

We, and all our employees, have extensive experience in the livestock logistics sector. This makes our expertise unique in the fields of livestock, meat and transport; craftsmanship, combined with a passion for cattle.

International specialist team

Kroes & Jansma is an international company, with a team to match. Our employees are from various different nations, so we can assist you in eight different languages. In addition, our employees are aware of both national and international regulations in the livestock logistics sector.

Extensive international network

We have access to an extensive international network of suppliers of premium cattle and breeding livestock, which means we are in a position to select the most appropriate cattle for you in terms of type, daily yield, etc.

Own transport department

We have our own transport department, which has evolved over the years to include a modern, extensive fleet. Our vehicles meet all international requirements, which means we can transport, load and unload under ideal, friendly and bio-secure conditions that respect animal welfare.

Personal contact

The personal nature of our business is reflected in our communication. We attach great importance to cutting out middlemen and talking to you directly.

A few words from John Kroes and Willem Jansma

How we began trading dairy and beef cattle

John Kroes (1960)

I come from a family of livestock dealers, who dealt in sheep and cattle. My father also worked in the livestock logistics sector, and when I was a young lad I’d often go with him to the numerous cattle markets which still existed in the Netherlands at that time. It got me really interested in the work from an early age, so knowing animals and having an eye for supply and demand in this sector comes completely naturally to me!

Willem Jansma ( 1976)

Right from the day I was born I was surrounded by a passion for livestock logistics, because my family was also active in this sector. Everyone thought it only logical that I went on to study Agricultural Economics at Wageningen University . While there, I also became interested in the international aspect of the livestock trade. As time has passed, I have become something of an expert in the international potential of livestock, including its export.